Here’s where you can see what our customers are saying about NFW. These are real comments, sent to us by the people who’ve paid their hard-earned cash for an NFW.  We appreciate every single one of them for their tremendous support. Thanks everyone!

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I collect timepieces as a hobby but as a professional firefighter/medic I also consider my timepiece as a tool.  Over the years I’ve worn many different timepieces “on the job”.  For the last 6 months the ONLY watch I wear to work is an NFW AutoPilot.  This watch is tough as nails, can withstand all the punishment I throw at it and still looks great on the wrist.

My patients deserve the best so when I purchase equipment to use in aiding them I only get the best, which in the case of my timepiece, is the NFW AutoPilot.
Steve – Tempe, Arizona


You will not find another watch company ANYWHERE that offers the service and attention that Geroge Fox does with NFW. The designs are unbelievable and George will not release a watch until it meets HIS expectations, which I must say go well beyond the customers’. I look forward to many more years of George’s innovative designs.
Scott R. – Illinois


Hi George,I just wanted to let you know that I received my package today & the Vector is too awesome for words & it will see a LOT of wrist time! I will wear the t-shirt with pride!!! (might even wear it under my suit on my wedding day in August)

I could never have dreamt that it would be so cool, and I just wanted to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for being so helpful and just being a really awesome guy.

I’m happy to have joined the NFW family and proud to be the first South African to own one.
Ernie – near Johannesburg, South Africa


NFW is, by far, a force to be reckoned with in today’s watch industry.  I own several pieces from their collection and all have exceeded my expectations. 

The fit, finish, quality and value are far and above all other watch manufacturers out there.  Just slap an AutoPilot or a Vector on your wrist and see if you don’t come home with half a dozen compliments from random people you meet throughout your day!  If  I could only purchase from one watch company NFW would be at the top of my list.
Breck B. – Fort Worth, Texas


I ordered an NFW AutoPilot Automatic in stainless steel and black.  The moment I opened the very unique and high quality watch box, I was stunned.  This AutoPilot is a superb looking watch and is constructed very well, a tank of watch!  The quality is amazing especially for the price.  I have a decent size collection of over 60 watches and many of them are very high-end pieces.

This AutoPilot is comparable or even better quality in some cases than some of the higher end watches I own.  George Fox, President of NFW, is one heck of a great guy as well.  He not only builds a high quality product but his customer service is 2nd to none.  The guy actually personally answers emails from his customers.  He is one of the coolest and most genuine CEO’s I know!  I cannot wait until the new NFW Viperfish is available.  I will definitely be buying one of those bad boys

If you don’t already have an NFW, you need to buy at least one, or two, or three! :o )
San Diego, CA


First I have to say I have about 35 watches in my collection and 8 of them are NFW, they are my favorites in my collection, NFW watches are top quality for the money, George and NFW give top shelf customer service with a personal touch. I will not hesitate to recommend NFW to anybody.
Jason from Texas


Help! I just can’t seem to keep my NFW AutoPilot off my wrist!  This is an amazing watch at an amazing price.  The ability to change straps easily is a very cool feature, and they even include the tools to do the job.  If you call the company you usually talk to George Fox the owner himself.  Customer service is top-notch along with treating you like a lifetime friend.  Most companies could learn a lot from NFW.
Richard H.  –
Atmore, Alabama


Hi George, as promised, I wanted to let you know that my Autopilot has arrived !!!!! Oh my gosh, what a utterly FANTASTIC timepiece !  You have truly designed and manufactured a pure work of art. It fits my wrist like it was made for me and only me,  and the attention to detail is second to none. The Rose Gold coloring is a true classic & beautiful Rose Gold, unlike the over-pink, inferior looking Rose Gold I have seen on other watch makers. The straps both leather & rubber are of such a high quality and finish.

I cannot say enough about my Autopilot, I am in love with one of my watches for the first time. Of the eight I currently own, this IS my number one. I can honestly say that IF (and that’s a BIG “if”) my AP is eclipsed, it can only be by another  NFW timepiece. I know for certain that I will be acquiring another AP, most likely the Orange/Black Chrono model.

 I want to share a little snippet with you…..I have recently had the opportunity to have a $11,500 Zenith timepiece on my wrist. Now while it was a beautiful, balanced and well built, I honestly feel that it wasn’t (as we Brits say) as gobsmackingly brilliant and amazing in its look, feel, design or build than your stunning Autopilots. I can truly see why they are flying (literally) out the door and onto enthusiastic owners wrists. I feel truly honored and extremely lucky to own such an amazing & stunning timepiece. “Well Done” my friend !
Graham W. – United Kingdom


Brilliant designs perfectly constructed from the finest quality materials, and lots of options, that’s NFW watches. Call George and join our NFW “family“. I guarantee you will be glad you did.
Charlie B  -  Tulalip, Washington


Well I’m finally getting time to “choof” you an email regarding the Autopilot. It is absolutely bloody fantastic!!!! I’ve used it in various locations, nearly 50 deg C in central Australia to minus 8 deg C in Korea, and it has performed faultlessly. And what’s more, I can see the thing with out having to take off my glasses and squint at stupid skeleton hands!
Graeme -  Australia


I am extremely happy my Auto Pilot and Regulator watches from NFW! The style, design and workmanship of these watches are of the highest quality.
Thank you,
Ron – Pacific Northwest


NFW Vector Review:
Quartz Chrono / Stainless with Brown Strap.

The Vector has a great sandwich case, which subtle curves, great dial layout and super comfortable leather strap. What strikes me about the dial is that for a smaller size. the chronograph functions are perfectly laid out and the functions, along with the time, are very easy to read. The balance on the wrist is perfect and felt like it was already worn-in the moment I put it on my wrist.

Impressions: 1) Beautiful, sculpted military style case. 2) NFW stainless keeper & buckle secure the strap perfectly. 3) Very easy to read dial.
On the wrist impression: I can wear this baby ALL day with the pre-oiled leather strap and perfectly sculpted case.

Jorge J. – New York


I have been collecting watches for about a year now. I purchased my first NFW Autopilot in December of last year. This watch is AWESOME! It is one of my favorites. It came with both a leather and rubber band, which are easily interchangeable with the tools provided by NFW in the watch box. The Rosetone and IP plating are superb, the attention to detail would put Michelangelo to shame! Every little detail is taken care of to a point of perfection. Oh yeah and the watch is just FUN to wear, I get more compliments and “oohs and ahhs” when I have my AutoPilot on. Thanks George you have a client and friend for life.
Brett – Massachusetts


I’m wearing my Vector with the blue dial today and had to drop you a line.  This damn thing is beautiful. Every time I wear it I’m amazed at the attention that you paid to the subtle finish details on the watch.  The contrasting polished and satin finish on the bracelet, the case, the crown protectors, and oh that blue dial, are just fabulous.

This is one watch that I just love to look at and admire the details.  Well done brutha!
Rick D.


My experiences with NFW and George Fox have been nothing short of superlative.  I first learned of NFW while checking out design prototypes of the NFW ViperFish.  This soon led to my first NFW purchase – the AutoPilot – which has quickly become one of my favorite watches.

I now own 3 AutoPilots and enjoy wearing them all at least once a week

The quality and value of NFW watches is absolutely unrivaled in the industry.  George Fox puts so much care and love into the design and build of his watches, always thinking of the end result for his customers.  He sweats the details so the final result will be perfection, and he is unwilling to accept anything less despite the cost.  He is an individual of the highest quality standards.  He has earned my committed trust and respect.
Patrick O.  -  Petaluma, California


I own four NFW watches and will soon be picking up my fifth. If you’re  NOT looking for attention to detail and some awesome abstract design then go to the other guys’ web site. If you ARE looking for a wow factor and kewl watches along with the best customer service in the business you’re in the right place. I believe all owners of NFW watches share a common thread, from their wrists to George Fox’s heart. I’m proud to be a part of the NFW family and Auto Pilot Air Force.
Riva -  Pittsburgh PA


Thank you for the expedient shipment of my brand new NFW AutoPilot.  I cannot believe how excited I was in opening that package yesterday.

I just couldn’t wait the extra day to open it during dinner for Father`s Day

I wore it yesterday to a Swiss watch show at one of our very prestigious jewelers in Rochester.  It is a local store that carries brands like Rolex, Tag, Breitling, Panerai, Cartier, and others. I received numerous compliments on my brand new NFW both from other customers and store personnel. A few of the factory reps from the Swiss brands even wanted to try it on.

Thank you again for the product itself and the feelings I now have at owning my very 1st NFW watch. I can see now why so many others sing your praises and comment on the NFW line on the forum. You offer a product & service the other watch lines (big & small) just do not do.

I will be back for more…many more!!!!! Thanks again!
Sam H.


When you purchase an NFW brand watch, you not only get a fantastic timepiece, but you quickly find out that your purchase is appreciated. George Fox, CEO of NFW, personally signs a card made out to the buyer and encloses it in the box. If you ever have a problem after the sale and need NFW for any reason, George is just a phone call or E mail away.

These timepieces are well designed, well constructed and well respected. And the best part is that you will still be able to feel your wallet in your pocket after the purchase.!! Well done George..!!
Kevin M.  – Pennsylvania


I have the AutoPilot, black carbon fiber dial with the orange hands and markers. I followed posts on a forum and was impressed by the customer loyalty and enthusiasm for this time piece. I knew there was something different about it but I could not articulate what it was. I ordered it and do not regret it. This is out of the ordinary. It is solid and the workmanship is impeccable. It has a hefty feel to it but is not so heavy that its clumsy. Love the contrast of the orange and black. The Miyota auto movement is as accurate as more costly ETA’s and Sellitas that I have and it has a good rep for reliability. This watch is not run of the mill. It has character ! I was fortunate enough to order another Autopilot Auto with the yellow dial. I will keep an eye on NFW and particularly the Autopilot in the future.
Jim –  Dover Plains, NY

The NFW Blok is much, much more than it looks on TV. It is truly stunning and impressive. You can’t go wrong with the weight of the Blok. It is wonderful, as is the very wide and beautiful leather band. I purchased the Black on Black watch. I really love it. I assume that every other person who purchased this watch loves it as much as.
PGF – Oahu, Hawaii


I have been a watch collector for a few years now and I must say you would be hard pressed to find a company that gives you better treatment than NFW.  As the owner of over 5 different models of NFW watches I can honestly say they are built strong, look fantastic and made to last.

I currently own over 200 watches but odds are if you see me on the street I am wearing an NFW and after you purchase one you will see what I mean.
Nick -  Staten Island , New York


I am the proud owner of a NFW AutoPilot 3-hand automatic timepiece.  My wife wears with pride her NFW Ladies Milan.  We wear NFW watches because of their value, accuracy, design and “curb appeal”.  These watches do not go unnoticed.


But, more importantly, we are a part of the rapidly growing NFW family. The patriarch of that family is George Fox, President, CEO, Chief Designer and owner of NFW Online. George, or “G” as he is affectionately called by fellow NFW family members, is a committed husband and father, who has a deep passion for designing and building watches. His artistry and meticulous attention to detail are unparalleled, and he cares deeply for each and every NFW watch owner offering outstanding customer service, both before and after the purchase.


So, when you purchase a NFW timepiece, you will get a quality product at a reasonable price.  But more importantly, you get “G”.  You will feel his passion.”
Ted S.  -  Yosemite Region, CA


NFW watches’ quality, fit, finish and attention to detail are second to none. If possible everyone should have at least one NFW in their collection.
W.C. –  Kentucky


I have two NFW watches.  I have a Blok and a Vector Chrono. Both watches are simply excellent. In fact, I was so impressed with my NFW’s that I purchased an NFW for my dad as a gift this past year. He loves his watch too and still raves about how much he loves his watch.

My Blok is simply one of the most striking watches I have seen. Every time I wear this watch, I always get compliments on the watch.  It is solid, large and extremely comfortable. This watch makes a magnificent statement!

The Vector is a gorgeous watch.  The attention to detail that George and NFW puts into designing is simply incredible.  The screw-down crown, the case design the dial and the strap are just some of the reasons I love this watch.  Beyond that, George makes NFW ownership a pleasure.  It is rare to be able to talk to the designer and the company president when talking watches.  It is clear from talking with George that he loves his customers and he is a real watch guy.

After three purchases, I am now looking forward to the next four NFW watches, a Regulator, Munich, Autopilot and the Viperfish will all have a place in my collection. Keep up the good work!
Jason – CT


Just about the happiest way to be separated from your hard earned cash, is doing business with George Fox of NFW Watch Company. I bought the AutoPilot model a few weeks ago and loved everything about the experience. The friendly, informative service and the shipping were first rate.

I love the watch as it one of my favorites of my collection. NFW’s have almost a cult following in more than one of the watch forums on the net. The next time I get the itch for another watch, NFW will surely be a top consideration.
Michael -  Pennsylvania


If anyone is thinking of purchasing an NFW timepiece I can assure you that your buying experience will be “top notch” from initial purchase to after point of sale. George Fox has adopted the principle of “treat people the way that you like to be treated and it will come back to you in aces!”

With this in mind, NFW continues to establish a strong customer base that is extremely loyal to G.Fox. Honesty, integrity and value. NFW has it all.
Arnie G. – Raleigh, North Carolina


Got the orange and black AutoPilot and I can’t stop looking at it. Fit is perfect, size is perfect. Very pleased with the quality. NFW is a brand to watch (no pun intended). Don’t miss out on your chance to get one. You won’t be sorry!”
WZ -  Missouri


My experience with NFW & the owner Mr. George Fox, has been far beyond what we as customers typically receive. I believe that most companies lose site of the true customer service, along with a quality product & just push out product without very little regard for the customer. That is what separates NFW from other watch companies.

 NFW & it’s owner are a very hands-on service & quality oriented business, who truly serves you the customer, from the initial placement of order all the way to the packing & shipping. 1ST RATE ALL THE WAY! The watches are of high quality, with a nice selection to choose from at very affordable price levels & for me that’s all I can ask for!

Doug C. -  Ronkonkoma, NY


Buy this watch! The AutoPilot is a great watch: comfortable, stylish, and the perfect size watch…Not too big…Not too small. Pictures don’t do it justice.

Keith G.


This is my second NFW Auto Pilot and I am very satisfied with it. The first was the black with the orange hand and number markers. This second NFW has a great yellow dial that just hollers at you. I have over 70 watches but was never that attracted to yellow dials. Somehow this particular yellow NFW Auto Pilot screamed “buy me” ! It looks even better in person. The heft, feel, fit and finish and size all combine to make one great time piece. Very comfy quality leather strap and they also include a soft rubber strap which I haven’t tried yet. The strap is attached by bolts, NOT pins!They even supply two hex bolt removers for removing and swapping straps!

 NFW is not a humongous company. They are known for great customer service and satisfaction and have a very loyal customer base of repeat buyers.

The motor that drives this is the tried and proven reliable Miyota 8215 automatic. Its as accurate as the ETA and Sellita automatic movements in my collection.
Jim -  New York


This is one great watch! A must have! It comes with a nice leather strap and a rubber strap and the tools to change them. The display box is one of the coolest I’ve got but the watch is outstanding -  thick and heavy and fits & feels perfect on the wrist.  Great lume, easy to read dial, and one of the best parts of this watch is the customer service that NFW has.  One of the best around. You don’t just get a great watch but the whole company too…

Bill – South Jersey


I cannot say enough great things about NFW and its owner George Fox. I recently purchased a Vector and upon receipt, the screw down crown was damaged. I contacted NFW and Mr. Fox had the new watch in the mail to me the next day before I ever mailed the original watch back! Customers realize there will sometimes be issues with a product they order, but it’s how the company DEALS with the issue that will keep or lose that customer. NFW understands this and not only produces a HIGH QUALITY watch but knows the VALUE of great customer service! Get an NFW, you won’t be disappointed!

Alan – Tampa, Florida


The NFW Blok is massive but it feels great on the wrist due to the way the designer has integrated and angled the lugs. The bead-blasted finish is flawless. The off-center position of the dial adds some interest to the overall look. I have 27 watches and nothing quite like this! A very cool watch and fun to wear. Mr. Fox is running a great company at NFW. I look forward to owning more NFW watches.
Horologist – Aurora, Colorado


Just received my new Autopilot automatic with the yellow dial. It is my first venture into the world of NFW but after reading many reviews in watch forums I decided to pull the trigger. What a fine timepiece this is. The attention to detail is first-rate and the design and execution scream quality. It is extremely comfortable on the wrist and wearing it will get you many compliments. The pictures just do not do it justice. I’m so glad I got off the sidelines and bought this fine example of boutique watchmaking. It will not be my last NFW and you should grab one before they are gone.
Geo – Delaware


My AutoPilot is an amazing watch. It has everything you are looking for in a quality watch. Great looks, great feel and a movement that never looses time. The AutoPilots’ unique design molds and conforms to your wrist, creating one of the most comfortable watches on the market today. If you have any questions or problems Georges’ team at NFW will bend over backwards to make you happy. My only problem, I can only wear one at a time.
Paul – Antioch,CA


To date I own three NFW’s purchased directly from George Fox himself (Auto Pilot, Regulator, Vector 42) and couldn’t be happier with the experience. I have to admit, the Regulator (on the rubber strap) is my go to after-work timepiece as it is comfy and lightweight. Customer Service is second to none. Larger companies need to take note. I will be an NFW customer for life!
Daren S.  –
Berkeley Heights, New Jersey


I own 3 versions of the NFW Auto Pilot and they are on the very top of my favorites in my collection of over 90 watches.  They are beautifully built, always reliable, and complimented by others whenever I wear them.  I purchased all of these watches directly from George with no problems whatsoever.  I have never dealt with such a caring and friendly business owner as George.  George and NFW has always been great to me.  I recommend the NFW brand to anybody without hesitation!  They are one of the “good things” in my life.

Alan – Ewa Beach, Hawaii


This is absolutely one of my favorite timepieces within my collection, I have had this AutoPilot for all most a year now and I have had ZERO problems with it. Dealing with Mr. George Fox first hand was a pleasure, I mean this gentleman really knows how to take care of his customers, he’s a true class act no doubt about it. I would highly recommend this timepiece to anyone who’s looking for a very tough, durable, and quality timepiece, all I can say is look no further, because the Auto Pilot is it.
T. Rodney

First of all, I want to say that there is no better person to do business with than George Fox at NFW!!  He makes you feel like family from the moment he answers the phone and personalizes every step of the watch buying experience.  I had desired the AutoPilot design for several years, but could not afford the brands I had seen.  I discovered NFW and read the reviews and comments by their customers and I was sold.


My AutoPilot arrived, in a few days just as George promised, and I was really thrilled when I opened the box.  The AutoPilot truly exceeded my expectations and they were pretty high.  I love this watch and it gets regular wrist time, even though I have alot of watches.  The Auto-Pilot is my GO TO watch. Thank You George Fox and NFW!!
Bob  -  San Antonio, TX

George my friend,
You are a one of a kind individual and are very special to all of us who own the AP (and other awesome NFW watches).  The personalized service is far and above the best in the watch industry.  I absolutely love my AutoPilot. I especially like to wear it when I ride my Harley. It’s comfortable, easy to read and can take a beating. I constantly get asked questions about my AP.

I am happy to be a part of the NFW family. Thanks for building such incredible timepieces. They are truly works of art.
Gene K. – California


I can’t remember how i first found or saw the NFW watches…..I think I stumbled upon a picture of the Autopilots online or in a forum and wanted one immediately…I e-mailed the company and was surprised to get a response back immediately from the owner George…he explained that the models i was interested in were out of stock but would be back soon. I was also impressed by the prices! I bought an 06808 for myself and an 06908 for my 15 year old son.

They are outstanding watches and have great wrist presence and look much more expensive than they are. I should mention that i am a watch freak and love watches in all price ranges and have a number of Swiss name brand watches in the $5,000 to $10K price range. I rotate my Autopilots with all the other watches i wear regularly and have dressed them up a little with some vintage Panerai type straps and also have a couple python straps with deployant clasps that I put on occasionally.

George is a great guy and very accessible…..there aren’t too many watch companies where the owners have or will take the time to talk to you personally or respond to an e-mail promptly. I can’t wait for the new ViperFish dive watch and it’s obvious that a lot of time and attention to detail has been put into this project. Dive watches just happen to be one of my biggest watch fetishes! and this is going to be a nice one,…… actually we will be buying two!
Bruce L.


The best part about NFW is dealing directly with George Fox. As one of the first to jump on the now legendary Auto Pilot I can attest to the thrill of receiving one after being “involved” in the step by step process of design, development, and manufacturing. No other watch company has let us inside the tent the way you have and the end result is that we each feel a kinship to you and the watches you produce. Now for the Viper Fish!
Alan B – Vista, CA