About George Fox

George Fox, Designer & President of NFW, has always been fascinated by the details of the world around him – how things work, how they’re made, and how they look.

This obsession with the smallest of details is evident today in NFW watches. No detail gets overlooked. When designing a new watch, George relishes the opportunity to delve into every curve, edge and corner of his watch designs. And when you strap an NFW onto your wrist you’ll instantly notice the outstanding fit and feel of the watch.  That’s no accident. George is a master at creating a watch with optimal wrist fit.

In addition to spectacular watch designs, you’ll also find doing business with NFW to be a fantastic overall experience. Our customers continually rave about the great personal service they receive from George and his staff.

“My business philosophy is very simple:  Design a great product, price it fairly, back it up with great service, and treat people right.” says George.