When and how will my order ship?
Your order will ship within 3 to 5 business days. Often, we ship within 1 day of receiving your order.  We typically ship via USPS Priority Mail. If you have any special shipping requests, please email us at info@NFWonline.com and we'll do our best to accommodate you. We reserve the right to select a shipping carrier depending on order.

What is your policy for returns and exchanges?
We understand that ordering a watch via the internet can be difficult and we want to alleviate your concerns.  Therefore, NFW has a “Zero Risk Purchase Policy” to help you.  We will accept returns or exchanges for full credit (minus $12 for orders shipped within the continental U.S. and more for orders outside the U.S., determined on the actual international shipping cost).  Please click on our “Zero-Risk Purchase Policy” for more details on how to make a return. Please note that, for hygiene reasons (which we think you’d appreciate!) we do not accept returns on clothing or hats.

The bottom line is that we want you to be happy with your NFW watches & wear them proudly! 

What is your cancellation policy?
Customers who enter an order online and cancel before the order is shipped will not be charged. If the request to cancel the order arrives to us after the order has been shipped and the customer refuses delivery, we will refund the total amount of the merchandise (minus $15 for orders shipped within the continental U.S. and more for orders outside the U.S., determined on the actual international shipping cost).  To cancel an order, please contact us at info@NFWonline.com

What credit cards do you accept?  We're now accepting all major credit cards, as well as PayPal and Amazon Pay.

Please make sure that your billing information you enter during the checkout process corresponds to the address where your credit card statements are received. This address should also be the same address that your credit card company has on file. Inaccurate billing and identity information will delay shipment of your order.

When ordering, can I use different billing and shipping addresses? Due to a recent rise in fraudulent credit card usage, the shipping address and credit card billing address must be identical.  This is for the protection of our customers and NFW, in order to help prevent credit card fraud.

Can I pay by check or money order?
Yes, we do accept these forms of payment. However, this type of payment cannot be processed online with us. In order to place your order with these forms of payment, please email us at:  info@NFWonline.com

Do you accept international orders?
NFW does ship internationally and we welcome business from customers outside the United States. However, in order to help prevent international credit card fraud we must take extra precautions with orders placed from outside the U.S. This is to protect our customers.

Therefore, if you’d like to place an international order,  please contact us via email, at info@NFWonline.com  to let us know that you’d like to place an order.

All international orders placed with a credit card must have the same billing and shipping address.

Taxes & Duty for International Orders:
Our shipping charges for orders shipped outside the U.S. cover the shipping & handling only and do not cover any taxes or duties imposed. Please be aware that all taxes and duties are your responsibility and must be paid by you to your local customs office upon the arrival of your timepiece. All international customers are responsible for any customs charges or taxes imposed by the destination country. We are not responsible for any delays this may cause. Customers also take responsibility that the watches they are ordering can be legally imported into their respective country. If a shipment is returned to NFW for failure to pay customs or rejection by customs, the customer will be credited for the amount of their watch order, minus any shipping charges incurred by us. Unpaid duties and taxes, if incurred by NFW, will be charged to the customer’s credit card.

Currency for all international orders:
When purchasing directly from NFW, all funds are in US Dollars.

What is your warranty?
NFW maintains an outstanding reputation for high-quality watches and excellent customer service.

We have very few problems with our watches, but with any company or product there is occasionally something to be remedied.  Our top priority is our customers’ satisfaction.

So, we keep our warranty simple: If something goes wrong with your NFW watch , due to a manufacturing defect, during the first three years that you own the watch, we’ll take care of it either by repairing or replacing the watch, at our discretion.  If your watch needs replacement and that exact model is no longer available then we reserve the right to replace it with another watch of equal or greater value. Our digital sports watch (The Fly) has a one-year warranty period.

Here’s what’s not covered, since these issues are not considered to be manufacturing defects: Scratched or broken crystals/lenses, damage to the movement, scratched cases, batteries, or normal wear & tear including leather, rubber or metal. Water leakage damage that occurred either while the crown was in the out position or if buttons were pushed while in water.

Please note: Warranties are not transferable and apply only to the original owner of the watch.

What if my watch needs servicing?
If your watch needs a battery change, bracelet adjustment, or other minor work you may wish to bring it to your local jeweler.  Most jewelers are very capable of performing periodic servicing and can usually handle these type of things very quickly, versus shipping the watch back & forth to us. However, if you do wish to send your watch back to us for service work, that’s fine.  Here’s what to do:

Email us at info@NFWonline.com , describing what needs to be done to the watch, or it’s problem.  We will then issue you a Return For Service Number (an RFS #), along with further instructions and costs.

The second hand on my NFW chronograph doesn’t return to 12:00. How can I fix this?
The chronograph second hand occasionally needs to be reset. It’s a very quick & easy procedure:

1.) Simply unscrew the crown and pull it to the “out” position, as if to change the time.

2.) Push the upper start/stop button to advance the hand in one second intervals until it is set to your desired position, at 12 o’clock.

3.) Make sure to carefully screw the crown back down tightly when finished.

Why does NFW use screw down crowns on most models?
Screw down crowns server two purposes:
a) They add extra water resistance protection over a standard push/pull crown
b) They make the crown virtually impervious to being broken off the case when taking severe impacts.

However, please note that whenever the watch is in use it’s extremely important to keep the crown screwed down.  Otherwise, the crown will be susceptible to breakage and to water leakage. But when screwed down against the case, your watch’s crown will be extremely strong & secure.

Why does NFW use Miyota Japanese movements?
After selling many thousands of watches, that the Miyota movements are simply outstanding movements, in terms of reliability, durability, accuracy and cost. Miyota is known throughout the watch industry, as well as with watch collectors for producing extremely high quality watch movements.  In our opinion, they most certainly rival much more expensive Swiss movements, so we see no reason why we should pass along to our customers the added cost of Swiss movements.  Miyota, owned by the Citizen watch company, is also an excellent business partner for NFW.  They treat us well and in return we reward them with our continued business.

What is an automatic movement?
The movement is driven by an oscillating weight called the rotor. The movements of your arm will cause the rotor to swing, which winds the mainspring automatically. Automatic movements are very popular and there is no battery to replace. An NFW watch with an automatic movement will run for approximately 42 hours when fully wound. But if you don’t wind the watch manually (by turning the crown) or wind the watch via moving your arm, the watch will stop.  To get it going again you will need to wind it and reset the time.  Also, automatic movements are not as accurate as quartz movements, but despite this they are still extremely popular. There’s just something about a self-contained, self-powered machine that guys tend to love & appreciate.

What is a quartz movement?
The movement power is provided by a small watch battery, eliminating the need to wind the timepiece. Quartz movements are extremely accurate, providing time measurement accuracy to within a few seconds per month. The only maintenance needed is a simple battery change every few years.

What are the benefits of a hardened mineral crystal versus a sapphire crystal?
NFW's hardened mineral crystals are hardened to approximately 600 Vickers (The Vickers Scale is a standard for measuring surface hardness).  Mineral crystals on NFW watches exceed the industry standards by manufacturing our crystals to 600 Vickers, which we find to be the optimal balance point between scratch-resistance and impact-resistance. Sapphire crystals are manufactured to a hardness of 1200 Vickers. Sapphire crystals are virtually scratch-proof  (only a diamond can penetrate their surface). NFW uses them on some of our more expensive models. Sapphire crystals are typically used in very high-end watches.